Monday, February 2, 2009

Christmas 08

This one is from Christmas. Sweet matching hoodie pics.


So this is about week number 3 that I have not had a job. Pretty much I have just been chillin with my boys. Today I took them out for some sun. Chrstian rode his bike while Kanyon held it down in the buggy.

Backyard Shred

Chrsitian wasn't feeling going up to Snowbird today so we did some backyard shred. He is getting tricky. He rode down the back of the hill where we made steps and also ollied off the top and tail pressed down and then rode it out. I am thinking next year to have him riding tram with me?

Jorgensen Family Shred Day

My dad got us all a couple day passes to snowbird for Christmas this year so we had Jorgensen Family Shred Day last week on Thursday. It was bluebird with about a foot of fresh in some places! Weather and conditions were perfect. We had the usuall 40-60 mph wind gusts on the peak but no worries. The girls got tired after about 1:30 so the boys kept shredding. Todd joined up with us at the end of the day and took us through some sick lines on Great Scott. It was super nice, all wind buffed at the top and some soft stuff toward the bottom. On the last run, me, Todd, and my dad all ended up sommersalting at the bottom. It was like dominos. Thanks again for the sick day dad!