Friday, June 29, 2012


I have tried running in the past and I just can't seem to stick with it. I have been going to school and working and playing with my kids, so the amount of time to exercise has been super limited. Don't get me wrong, those are my priorities (work because I have to, school because I want to, and kids because I love to be with them) so I am not blaming any of those situations. Even with my bike I have a hard time getting time to consistently ride. So I have been forced to run. I used to be one of those die hard running hater guys. Never in my mind would I ever think of actually enjoying it at all. Today I think I am admitting to liking this. I think I get what runners talk about when they say "runners high." Oh, and I figured out that if you run 3 or 4 miles, it's a lot easier than just running 1. It's like your legs finally turn on. Your endorphins kick in and you can actually start moving. This could get addicting. Now let's hope to get in a bike ride tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Man Camp

Did some camping last week. We kept it old school. Dad, me, Tuck, Jeff, Quinn and Kendall headed up to Mineral Basin. Good times. Dad woke up early and hiked up to the bird and back before we even woke up. Me and Tuck hit up a bit of rock crawling in the Jeep. Good people spotting on the way down too. Wish I had a few pics of that.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lambert Park

Me and Tuck rode Lambert Park this morning before work. There is something about getting up before the sun rises and pedaling single track that makes you feel really alive. Today was super fun. I am falling in love with old trails again on my new single speed. I am still way out of shape, but I really like having just one gear and just having to push through climbs instead of dropping to granny gear when I get tired. No I am back at work wondering how I can get back out and ride again. This is going to become a bit of a habit I can see.


Last week I got my bike from the FedEx man and I had to instantly put it together. It felt so good just building it and dialing it in. They didn't send me the bolts for my rotors so I didn't have any brakes but I took it out and rode it around the neighborhood for a bit. It felt really big at first. Maybe because I haven't been on a bike in 3 years, or maybe it was the big 29 inch wheels. But it started feeling better and better. Our whole family went to St. George for the weekend for my Grandmas 80th birthday so me and Tuck took our bikes down. I have to admit, I was nervous. I hadn't been on a bike for so long, and here I was taking out a single speed 29er. And this is a bike that cost me $389 plus tax. My old bike was much more expensive, and was fully suspended. This Nashbar 29er is fully rigid. Could my out of shape old guy body take this type of punishment? We arrived at 2 in the morning and slept for about 2 hours (thanks to my wife taking the baby out to the parking lot to get no sleep in the car) before waking and heading out. We rode the Gooseberry Mesa trail between Hurricane and Zions. Tuck was rallying the dirt road to the trailhead thinking he was Ken Block with my new bike on top. I told him to slow down but he persisted to practice his scandinavian flick. When we got out the bike was hanging on by a thread (really) and the back tire was shredded but not blown from rubbing the bike tray. The trail was fun. And there were only a couple spots I had to walk on some short steep climbs. The bike performed beyond anything I had anticipated. The bigger wheels flowed smoothly over bumps and carried me downhill a lot faster than my brother who was on 26's. Even with no suspension the bike charged over and trough everything. I have since been obsessed with single speeds. Everything with a de railer looks weird.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

Back in the Saddle

So a years back I ended up selling my Mt Bike thinking I would be able to just drop $3500 dollars within a few months and get a new one. Well, I was wrong. Hard to believe it has been 3 years since I have had a bike. Still lacking the funds to get one of the bikes on my wish list, (Santa Cruz Blur LT Carbon, Ibis Mojo, or the Yeti SB66) I was able to come up with enough cash to get a Nashbar Single Speed 29er. I ordered it two days ago and it should be here by next week on Wednesday. I can't wait to jump on and go for a ride. It will be interesting to see how my legs hold up, especially having only one gear. Time to get in shape I guess. The reviews on this bike are super good, especially for only paying just over $350 for it. Below is a pic of some other guys I found on the internet. I will post mine soon.

Rally Heaven

This is quite possibly the best car video ever!!