Monday, July 30, 2012

Whip It!

Rode with Tuck and Rod this morning up in Corner Canyon.  Today was Tuck's first day on his new Cannondale single speed 29er. Rod was riding SS as well, but he is riding an 18t rear cog. He made me feel really tired because he was cranking the whole way and was still able to carry on a conversation. He was kind enough to take a couple breathers on the way up Clark's.  Rush was super fun today.  Rod  was riding fast which was good. It pushed me to ride faster than normal. I was throwing some nice whips and every time the Devo song would run through my head. I think I may have started to sing it out loud.  Time to stop drinking the Dew. Tuck was punishing me on the uphills.

This is Tuck's new bike.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Corner Canyon and Bob Ross

Me, Tuck, and Joe rode Corner Canyon this morning. It was super nice out. It was dark when we hit the trail at 5:30 and it seemed that we were the first ones up Clarks because I was catching spider webs in the face about every 20 feet. It drizzled for just a bit and it made the sunrise amazing. The colors were rad. We saw a few rainbows although no doubles. I will get some pics up later but this morning's ride reminded me of a childhood hero. I loved this show more than anything when I was little. Here's to you Bob Ross.

It was basically dark on the way up Clark's

Sunrise was amazing today!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Morning Ride

Me, Tuck and Joe rode Corner Canyon this morning. It was perfect. It had rained a bit yesterday making the dirt super nice and grippy (hero dirt). I am on a 20t cog now and it makes a big difference, plus my I can feel my legs getting stronger, even after only 4 rides. Tuck rigged his go pro with a super creative rig (Duct Tape and a mop pole). Joe ended up throwing up halfway up Clarks living up to his nickname we gave him a few years back on his first ride with us. Tuck was pushing it on the downhill and went down a few times. I will post some video when Tucker does some editing, but we got some pics.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Birthday Ride

Today I turn a year older. No better way to celebrate than to go mt. biking. Me and Tuck hit Corner Canyon this morning at about 7 am. It was nice and cool from a much needed rain storm yesterday. It made the trails perfect. Just a bit tacky for some good grip. We pedaled up Clarks and rode down Rush. I will definitely be getting a 19 or 20 tooth for my rear cog though. Pedaling up Clarks on an 18 tooth was torture, especially this only being my 3rd time out on the bike after a few years of no riding. It was super fun though.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Daewon Song

Guy is a really good skateboarder. Really good.