Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This year's winter camp was sick! We went up last weekend on Friday afternoon. A big storm had just put down about 2 feet of fresh and we had to break trail with the snowmobiles about 4 times to pack it down enough to get the gear sled in. This year we had, me, my dad, Jake and his bro in law Jared, and Jessie and Jeff. We were stoked to use the shack we built this fall and rebuilt again after it got chainsawed down. We got it all dug out and when I took the door off the most horrible stench hit me right in the face! I was dry heaving pretty hard. The mice and whatever other animals had taken over the shack and it was full of crap and other goodies. So we ended up sleeping under the stars with just out sleeping bags with 5 degree or colder temps that night. I was super caffeine drunk from the giant Red Bull gift from Jake and about 4 Mt Dew's. Then had a sleeping pill to put me out just before sleeping and I felt like I was at the dentist with about 10 times the legal amount of laughing gas. The next morning we rode the sleds to the base of the zone we always ride and had to hike the rest of the way due to the deep new snow. It was a rough hike up through the fresh pow but super worth it. When we got on top the snow on the cornice shifted a bit and I think Jared messed himself pretty good. This was his first backcountry snowboarding experience. He was a bit nervous but overcame the fears and had a sick run he will never forget. It was a rad time for sure!