Monday, January 30, 2012

Shredding at Snowbird Video

A little video the kids helped me make.

Family Shred Day from Kelly Jorgensen on Vimeo.

A Family That Rides Together Stays Together.

Saturday me and Linds took Chrish and Kan up to Snowbird for some famile shred time. This was Kanyons first trip to Snowbird and his first time riding the lift. He loved it. Tuck and Jess brought up their kids too. Ava and Kanyon were killing it in Chickadee bowl. I came home with broken ribs. I was getting Chrish off the ground getting off the lift and the chair nailed me right in the lower right side of my rib cage picking me up off the ground like I got hit by Terry Tate the office linebacker. The kids were having too much fun to go home though so we just kept riding. Such a fun day! Christian is starting to Link some turns. Hoping to have him Tram ready after a few more times.

Monday, January 16, 2012

NOW Snowboard | The Future is NOW

NOW Snowboard | The Future is NOW

This looks like one of the most innovative technologies to happen to snowboarding for a while. At least one that is useable. I am really curious on how they ride. It is JF Pelchats creation and a lot of big names are backing it.